Recapture Checkout Losses With Valentine

Monitor the integrity of mainbank transactions with the intelligence and accuracy of our machine vision technology. Valentine enhances your existing CCTV investments and provides unparalleled insights into every transaction.

Watch Out for Sweethearting

  • Reconcile items crossing the checkout with the items being scanned in real-time
  • Identify errors and manage training or packaging issues
  • Receive intelligent alerts and relevant video evidence based on an array of triggers

Streamlined Actionable Intelligence

Our flexible dashboard gives layers of multi-dimensional views, turning gathered data into valuable insights.

Automatic Insight

Follow the full context of inaccurate transactions

Straight to the Point

Jump to the exact moment the issue occurred

Uncover Data Trends

Learn from changing patterns over weeks, months or years

See different angles

Visualise by day, time, checkout type, operator, product category

Incident Management

Progress cases to resolution with our built-in system

Enterprise Integrations

Use our built-in tools or integrate with your systems

Valentine for Self Checkout

Identify rogue transactions at self-service checkouts with automated real-time visual analysis of each product. Be sure the bananas are not actually bourbon.


Capture Innacuracies at the Self Checkout

  • Team off-the-shelf CCTV cameras with our Product Graph and Behaviour Analysis AI
  • Shut-down suspicious transactions or automatically generate interventions
  • Receive intelligent alerts and relevant video evidence based on an array of triggers

Worldwide Active Intelligence

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Introducing SAI Cart

Let your customers breeze through the checkout with the security and intelligence you need.

SAI Intelligent Shopping Cart
The Smart Trolley
  • Bolt-on to Existing Carts
  • Customers Pack Directly Into Re-Usable Bags
  • Reduced Product Handling Increases Safety
  • Self-Powered for 24/7 Operation
  • Optimized Customer Experience

Enhance Existing Infrastructure


Visually Identify Products


Intelligently Monitor Behavior


Derive Realtime Insights


Delight Your Customers


Build Frictionless Checkouts

See SAI in action

See out product demonstration and watch the in action in the real world.

SAI Machine Vision - Highlights

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the  SAI  solution work ?

We have developed a Graph Neural Network that is able to visually identify products with amazing speed and accuracy. This, combined with our Behavioural Analysis solution, provides the platform our products operate on.

What are the main benefits ?

The SAI solution offers customers' amazing speed and efficiency through the checkout process, reduces product handling, and all but eliminates front-end shrinkage.

 Will we need to replace a lot of hardware  ?

No. At SAI, we abhor waste. Our systems are designed to enhance existing investments rather than replace them. Valentine operates alongside any existing IP-based CCTV system and the SAI Cart unit bolts on to any standard shopping cart.

 What is your GDPR position ?

We take privacy very seriously and operate well within the guidelines for all jurisdictions around the world. Our solutions never store personal data, and images that may identify members of the public are discarded immediately after processing.

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