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We all have jobs to do around the house. Cleaning. Tidying up. Changing lighbulbs. Oiling hinges. Maybe the car needs its oil topping up or the tyre pressures checking. You know, general maintenance.

There are also jobs to do around ourselves. Some of them overlap with the ones we do around the house. Keeping clean. Brushing and trimming. Making sure our collar is straight.

Others require more introspection. Checking our motives. Considering how our actions are being perceived. Taking time out to sit and breath. It’s still maintenance. But when do we have time to do that when the jobs are piling up at home?

The answer is implicit. “Maintenance” is from the same linguistic root as the French word “maintenant”. “Maintenant” means “now”.

Right now. This moment. And each and every other moment.

image by  árticotropical