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There’s a lot of talk at the moment about the ROI of social media. We had our say on the subject almost a year ago. And the prevailing sentiment seems to be that we were right.

If companies continue to only refer to themselves and their offers, their messages will blur into the background hubub. And in many cases that would be a shame. Most organisations are too scared to embrace the true potential of social media. That potential can be summed up in one word. Banter.

Banter is a great word. It’s even slightly onomatopoeic. Banter is the back-and-forth of normal conversation. It is witty. It is often irreverent. And it has nothing to do with closing business. It is fun to listen to, even in overheard conversations. It will make people stop and think. And it will make people want to join in.

So continue to flout your current offers, or throw out click bait to drive people towards your blogs and websites. You never know, it might make you a sale or two. But you will definitely bore most of your audience to tears.

Instead, throw out some wit. Show the true tenor of your business. Use an authentic voice. Then people will listen. Yes, it’s scary and that’s precisely why you need to do it.

Want to join in the conversation? Say something wonderfully witty below, or get in touch with us for some one-to-one banter.