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Starters for Ten are our gift to you. Thought provoking, moderately controversial opening slides to set your presentation off on the right foot. At least, a different foot to the other guy. And the guy before him.

What you see here is available to download as an annotated PowerPoint slide. You can subscribe to updates or send us ideas for more.

jeans slideLevi Strauss is one of the world’s most recognizable brands. After over 200 years in business, their jeans are marketed globally as ‘Originals’. But how ‘original’ are they?

The strong indigo cotton fabric from which they are made was originally produced in the southern French city of Nimes from the mid 1600’s. Denim is a contraction of ‘serge de Nimes’. The first denim trousers were made in Genoa some hundred years or so before Levi Strauss set up their business in San Francisco. The word ‘jean’ is an Anglicization of ‘Genoa’ or ‘Genovese’.

In fact, pretty much the only original things about Levi’s jeans are the rivets, for which the firm was awarded US patent number 139121 in 1873. So it seems that to be ‘Original’ you need not do all the work yourself.

To be original you need to understand how to blend ideas, how to take the Italian trouser made from French cloth and finish it with a rivet taken from manufacturing industries.

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