Mindful Business

More and more businesses and organisations are training their staff to use mindfulness techniques to improve their performance and well-being.

Mindfulness practice teaches us how to be fully present in each moment rather than worrying about the past and future. We connect ourselves to the moment simply by breathing and being aware.

The obvious danger here is that it all sounds like airy-fairy hippy nonsense with no real connection to the hard-edged world of work. We will help you cut through all of that, because when companies like Google and General Mills and global ass-kickers the US Marine Corps. start using mindfulness techniques, you’ll realise that there are genuine benefits.

What are the benefits?

There are many. Greater relaxation. Increased focus. Reduced stress. Easier relations between colleagues. Improvements in customer service. Great dollops of creativity. Heightened flexibility and responsiveness.

Once you move your business and the people in it so that they live for the moment, the possibilities are endless.

We offer training and support to help you and your teams explore mindfulness techniques. From one-to-one coaching, short team-building sessions or long-term group mentoring, we’ll be here to help you on your journey.

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