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You already have a plan, don’t you – your business plan. It got you this far. You don’t need another. You already know what you want to do. You want to get new customers, get current customers talking about you, make more money from existing customers… And the social web is everywhere, so you can just start broadcasting on there and everyone will suddenly listen and the world will be a beautiful place.

Of course, if you’ve already tried that you’ll know that it isn’t so simple.

We believe that all aspects of every businesses are social. Have you planned for that? How easy is it for people to talk about your products? Your services? Your customer service? Your sales pitches? If you don’t plan for how people will talk about what you do, you’re leaving it up to them to invent their own stories. And if you do that, you’ve just lost control of your business.

We will help you to prepare your business for the increasingly social world.



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