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The world seems to move so quickly these days that it is easy to expect everything to happen now. In real-time. Whatever that means.

Ideas spread. Good ideas spread quickly. Overnight successes are everywhere and it’s understandable that you want a piece of it. But it’s worth remembering that “overnight success” is a very subjective term. In spite of the increasing speed of the real-time (whatever that means) world, an overnight success still takes about six years of hard work. If you don’t believe me, ask the founders of Twitter, which is six years old this year.

If your ideas aren’t spreading quickly enough for your liking, try another idea or a different target. Whatever you do, don’t try to force it. Desperation doesn’t spread at all. If you’re running out of new things to try, give us a call. And if your idea of success is getting a million views on your YouTube video, we really need to talk.


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